Who is MasterCraft Distilling?

Established in 2012, MasterCraft Distilling unites independent bars and restaurants throughout the country and supplies them with craft well spirits for the masses.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, we used our growth throughout the years to help other brands grow and expand through us.  Giving this opportunity to others has deepened our knowledge and increased our reputation in this industry beyond measure.

Let us help you gain the introduction, sales flow and expansion in markets across the country for your brand.  After a campaign with us distributors and national retail chains, will better evaluate your brand to find out what product will do best in their stores through your proven sales nationwide.


Are you ready for national growth?

At MasterCraft we speak to many entrepreneurs and product managers that have the goal of having their products promoted to national distributors and stores.

If this sounds like you, how do you know that you are ready? There are a few steps that you should take before approaching them, to make your brand/company more attractive.

Here are the 3 steps to launch your product into the retail market.

1. Have a history of proven sales.

Distributors and national retail chains won’t give your product a second look unless you have a proven track record. We are instrumental in launching products like yours because we’re just like you, we did it ourselves, the hard-way.  Having that experience led us to develop Our Path to Market program to help other brands get critical information needed to get a foot in the door for larger distribution and more sales.

Our Path to Market Program gives you:

  1. Placement
  2. Product launch promotional events
  3. Product sampling
  4. Customer reviews & feedback
  5. Sales Team

Only through a history of proven sales will the distributor be able to see if the product will sell when placed in similar bars/restaurants and retail locations in other markets. Start today and join us to get the exposure or sales efforts that you need.

2. Make sure your product stands out.

It’s important to be different from the other products on the market.  With so many brands on the market, it’s essential for distributors to be able to offer new products without stepping on the toes of their existing suppliers. The ideal product for a national distributor would be something different, but can still fit within the product lines that they currently carry.

3. Be prepared to meet the needs of your distributor.

If you get picked up by a distributor, you must be prepared to meet their deadlines, ship dates and production patterns. It can take a while from the time of first contact until the first order, however it’s vital to show that you have the ability to meet the needs of the retailer from day one. You as the supplier are expected to make quick decisions, ship quickly and respond immediately.